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Posted in Other by Shawn on January 17, 2011

After spending a day working with Unity, not as consistently as I would have liked to, I spent a few moments working on Project S. The end results are clouds……

Not all clouds are happy clouds.....

Despite the static screenshot, the clouds actually move, as if you’re falling. I have zero artistic talent, which means that I may¬†will need to find someone who can draw something that looks like a cloud and not a overgrown emotional piece of cotton.

The code wasn’t bad. Most of my time with this project tonight was actually working on the sprite images outside of Visual Studio. Currently, I am loading these two images from two separate files, but I plan to eventually consolidate them into one sprite sheet. This means that I will have less content to load, which means overall load times will be….well, probably faster. Load time is pretty much non-existent, as the only think that I’m loading is ~16000 clouds.

How many clouds are there in the real sky?

Eventually, I will change the screen size maximum, but right now, it’s nice to actually have something going. More work tomorrow night, and potentially another update.

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