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Roadmap – TriWeek1

Posted in Music by Shawn on May 24, 2011

Last year’s initial deadline for the IGF was October 18th. Which means that as of today, if things are similar to last year, the deadline for the IGF will be on or around October 17th. This means I have about 5 months left. 5 months may be a lot of time in…normal world time, but for me, it’s not a lot at all. Especially with my schedule of late, as the many things that call for my attention when I’m not (or even during) working on my game.

I have decided to create several roadmap iterations in Redmine, each of which last for three weeks. This should actually bring me right around to the first deadline. You are actually allowed to develop and submit past the deadline date, but only to update a game that has already been submitted by the deadline date. Even though this is true, I want to actually submit as close to a quality project as soon as possible, and leave that post-update time for fixing those wonderful bugs that seem to pop up at the right moments.

So far, I’ve only made three iterations, which span three weeks each (9 weeks total). The task are me playing it very safe, which means that while I think I may be able to reach something this iteration, I probably placed it in the next one. I rather move task up an iteration rather than push them back. I’d feel a bit more depressed if I did.

This iteration contains assignments such as fixing a lot of important bugs, modifying levels to support collectable items, and the wonderful music, something that I have been neglecting. I actually created a track and put it on the sidelines due to not liking it. A few weeks later, I created a different track, and eventually realized that I made something eerily similar to the one I made a few weeks ago. This could possibly be a sign that I should keep it, or that I should try and shoot for a different style of music. Of course,  I do not need to stick to one style, which is one great thing about being in charge.

In addition to my task, I have a nebula set up for other things that I would like to put it, but may not really find necessary/important. But, depending on how well I do, I may reward myself with including these extra features.

Somewhere within the next two iterations (6 weeks), I’m planning on putting out a more refined test version, which others can play. So, if you want to be first in line, let me know! You can also still grab the first playable build that I put out. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

But that’s it for now. I want to finish sorting out these roadmap details.

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