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More days without progress….

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on February 7, 2012

Why? Well, because my laptop wasn’t really fixed properly. It’s upsetting, but it happens.

What it does is give me some time to work/draw/plan things for this game, and future games.

What will actually wind up happening is that I’ll play an excess amount of video games. I can do both at the same time, but odds are I’d wind up playing more than thinking.

In regards to Tone Def, I’m almost done with the web build. After I’m done with the build, I do plan to continue supporting it. This means updating the game with different songs as time goes by, and of course, fixing any sort of bugs/problems. After initial work on this is finished, I will start working on a desktop build for the game. What for? To submit to IndieCade! I plan to try and submit both MCE and Tone Def to the upcoming IndieCade. The deadlines aren’t for a while, but the earlier I submit, the more relaxed I’ll be. One way or another, I do plan to head over there for the event (I need to save money!), but it’d be nicer if I could go over and actually present something, rather than just play other games. If I manage to get a lot of work done for these two games, I could work on that other project (MossHawk), and even submit that to IndieCade. Firs things first. I need to finish this build of ToneDef.

But that’s it for now. I do hope to have my laptop back by Wednesday. I do feel a bit empty during the days I do not work on my games.

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