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On the calendar – games and more games

Posted in OriGamInc, Other by Shawn on April 6, 2012

So, it’s April! There’s a lot on the plate for this coming month.

First off, today is the first day of PAX East. I’m in Boston at the moment, doing all things related to PAX and video games. This is less of a ‘game dev’ conference, but there are still a bunch of interesting panels regarding game development. Regardless, there are still a number of great things to take part of, and I do wish I could be part of everything.

Later on this month is Philly Tech Week, and I’m going to be a part of it, mainly two events. The first is the IGDA Game Showcase; the other, the Unity Showcase. During both events, I plan to show Tone Def: Revenge of the SquareBots. For the IGDA showcase, it’ll be mostly showing the game. During the second even, I may also talk about some Unity stuff. Only if people are interested. Finally, I’m still working on my submissions for IndieCade. Hopefully I get some feedback on how to make it better from the showcases, as the deadline for IndieCade is May 1st.

But that’s it for now! It’s time do to things related to video games (unsurprisingly).

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