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A minor Tone Def Update

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on December 28, 2011
(That’s not a musical pun)

Well, Tone Def is moving along.

A few days ago, I tagged a version as v0.015. I don’t really know where that number came from, but I need to both start tagging more, and making sense of these tags. Since then, the Game Over/Level Victory screens have been added, as well as implementing a rash of Kongregate API, as I want to track and report stats. Looking at the git history, this pretty much all I worked in the past couple of days, which actually falls in line with my whiteboard. (I don’t have a picture of it right now!).

A good portion of time was spent on the API, which is actually really easy to integrate. The more time consuming issue was the naming. For Tone Def, I’m tracking a few things, such as the number of SquareBots destroyed, the number of instruments used/destroyed, notes spend, etc. I do want to have some sort of achievement system however, which is why I spent a good time creating a list of achievements unlocked after doing something ‘x’ times, such as using 10 instruments, or beating particular level.

One more small list needs to be made, in regards to the essentials. I need to make sure not to fall into some sort of feature creep trap, but unfortunately, things like that are inevitable, as ideas originally conceived need to be fleshed out a bit more.

But that’s it for now. Again, I hope to have this done by next week, which means minor updates until now. And maybe I’ll try and be cool, and post a postmortem or something, even though I’m not dropping support of the game at all. Actually, it’s probably too early for that.

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