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An Indie Pitch & being Tone Def

Posted in Music, OriGamInc by Shawn on December 12, 2011

So hey! There’s this thing that Joystiq does called the Indie Pitch where they interview indie devs trying to make games. And I was just interviewed. Makes me feel….somewhat special.

Read the interview!
So how about that Mr. Condyle? I’m still working on that game, of course. But I’ve also been working on that Music Defense game quite frequently. And thanks to a friend (thanks Tim), I haveĀ  a better name than Music Defense. Right now, the pending name is Tone Def. I think it’s pretty clever. I’m working hard to put together a prototype that I can upload online for others to try, so please forgive me if art is a bit crude, and if something doesn’t work properly, as they have done for me with my test builds.

So, to stay in line with the musical theme of this post, here’s one of the latest tracks for Mr. Condyle’s Escape. Right now, it’s called World ?, mostly because I’m not sure what world this song will be placed in. You can listen below:

World ? Music

Anyway, that’s it for now. There’s a lot of work to be done in many different places, and it’s exciting just thinking about everything!

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