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Reasoning: A Git Project

Posted in Music by Shawn on August 4, 2011

Oh music. I won’t forget about you.

I really enjoy collaboration, and have always somewhat wanted to work with others on fun project. Since I’m neck deep in my game, and don’t really want to have to explain a ton of things to someone who may want to work with me (at least, not right now), I have decided to try something else, musically.

This is a (experimental) project that I’m starting via github. If you know about git, then great! If you kinda know about git, you should read more(Pro Git is excellent in my opinion). If you have no clue about what git is, it’s basically a really cool magical device that can get you out of a lot of trouble that you can potentially create for yourself and/or others.

The goal of this project is to create music! But how? Well, I’ll start by creating a short and sweet track with a program called Reason. After that, I will tell anyone who wants to get involved, “Hey, take this and do whatever you want with it!”. So, Bob comes along and takes the file, edits it, adds more, then tells me “Look what I did! Let’s add this to what you did!”. So we put it together! Now we have a larger, and hopefully better (depending on Bob’s ‘skillz’) piece of music. But here comes Alice. Alice then takes the file that Bob and I collaborated on and makes it bigger by adding her own work. Now we have a longer song! Cool beans, right?

But let’s say Frank likes what Bob did, but loathes what Alice added. Well, Frank (by using the secret magic of git) can grab the file, make some changes, and replace what Alice did with his own work. He can then say “Hey, Alice! Since you broke up with me, I made something that’s better than what you did!” He’s bitter, I guess…..

Anyway, Frank can then create a new file, separate from the one that is also currently being worked on, and share that track with everyone else.  More and more people could get in on the action. Resulting in…well, hopefully fun?

We’ll see how this turns out. It’s an experiment, and could potentially blow up in a bad way, leaving me with a G-Clef scar on my chest…..which actually sounds kinda cool….

That’s it for now. I should stop before I draw a fake G-Clef scar around my belly button……

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