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Time Management (100 Hours)

Posted in Other by Shawn on March 28, 2011

Well, according to my project management thing, I’ve recently logged just over 100 hours (100.8) on my project. At this point, I do not know whether to consider this good/bad/somewhere in between. 100 hours may be a long time in terms of a different project. Being that this is the first time that I’m trying to build a project such as this, I can’t say anything along the lines of “Wow, look at all this progress in such little time”, or “I could have built so much more! Why am I slacking?” These 100.8 hours have been logged since February 6th 2011, and I also need to take into consideration multiple factors that can easily alter how much progress I’ve made.

I neglected to install an automatic timer for Redmine, and have been logging time manually. This means that there are probably many undocumented hours all throughout this project. This happened more so in the beginning of developing & designing, as I was not really used to logging time for a project. However, I’ve gotten much better. Now there are less holes; probably still more than I would like. A ‘stopwatch’ like timer plugin could be installed, but I just haven’t gotten around to it, nor haven’t found it of the utmost importance to really install. It would mostly be a distraction from getting my project done, something I want to minimize. Even installing this was more of a hassle than it should have been. If I were for a company, then it would be more important, knowing approximately how much time I spent on a certain task is useful, as it allows me to go back and see if I spent a lot of time on a particular area, and possibly avoid taking the wrong steps in the future.

Probably the other biggest factor in lost time are the various cleaning/optimization that I have been doing. There hasn’t been a task for everything I have done, mostly because there are many things I think of off the cuff. “Hey, I wonder if this will work? Oh it does. Let’s do that here and here and here…..”. This has happened many times, which has led to countless minutes/hours/seconds lost to the world. I have even included a general task (optimization of code or something like that) where I would include all of my general cleanings and updates. Unfortunately, I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that the task has been neglected. This I haven’t gotten better with.

Well, that’s time that I could have logged but didn’t. I’m probably missing a few hours, give or take. Now, This time evaluation would not be complete if I didn’t think about other areas where time could have been gained or lost. For example, while I don’t have much of a ‘life’, I do have a day job. This means that there is a lot of time spent doing other things, instead of programming, designing, etc. I also spend about an hour commuting to and from work Monday – Friday. I have worked on the bus, but the ride has proven plenty unstable to do some serious programming. I actually once overwrote an entire piece of code, and had to rebuild it due to a wonderful set of potholes. So work on the bus ride has been confined to updating and maintaining documentation within Redmine. This is good from an organizational stand point, but the I don’t organize ideas/thoughts everyday. This means that there is about 8-10 hours a day where I don’t get to spend on my project.

And of course, there’s the ‘everyday’¬†activities¬†that I guess I have to do. Like the cooking and cleaning and eating. Oh and sleep. I usually wait until my body just stops to actually fall asleep.

Maybe it’s impressive that I’ve worked 100 hours. Maybe it’s not a lot at all. I still feel like that I have not put as much time as I want. Which I guess is good, because it shows my desire to work? Who knows. Thus ends this 100 hour evaluation. I hope by the next 100 hours, I have a lot more done.

So, that’s it for now.

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