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Posted in Other by Shawn on March 24, 2011

I believe (I hope so) that I have mentioned Protection levels making their way to the next build of Winshi. These levels are probably harder than the other levels, due to the player needing to worry about some other floating block that wanders about. Protection levels are not without their benefits though! There are a few of these levels that are crucial to a player’s development! Within a few protection levels, there will be special assets you will need to protect.¬†Specifically these guys…..

Did someone call...err....forget it.......


As you can see, these doctors  actually have titles! Which means that protecting a specific doctor will enable the player to unlock specific powerups throughout the game. Using these powerups should assist players having a tough time with some levels.

On the back end, I still need to balance the powerups and determine what percentage of an increase they provide to players (per upgrade). For example, let us say that the health powerup restores 5% of health. It may seem simple, but a decent amount of though needs to go into whether I want the Level 2 of the health powerup to restore 10% of health or 15% of health, as this sets the precedent for future upgrades.

Musically speaking, I sill need to create a few new tunes. My roadmap doesn’t have a new battle theme, but that will probably change, as keeping a consistent number of issues I have to deal with isn’t that easy. Often, many task change from one primary task to many subtask. And let’s not forget the bugs >:| While they can be annoying, they teach me a few things. Such as, I need to write more documentation. Or that bugs are annoying.

Speaking of documentation, I should start writing more, as there are tools that I forget about due to the fact that I haven’t visited them in quite some time. But that will probably be a future post, as I feel that I have digressed too much already!

So, that’s it for now.

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