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Player Control and Upgrades

Posted in Other by Shawn on March 22, 2011

One thing that I have always liked in games is the ability to control my character. This means more than just the “When I say move, you move”, but rather “I wish I could focus on building up my character’s speed rather than their ability to eat fried goods”. Because of that, I decided to try and add levels of player control to Winshi. This isn’t an advertisement (“Now featuring: Tons of player control!”). Rather, this is me worrying about how to manage these stats.

I first started with the general player statistics, such as their defense, arm strength, leg strength, arm attack speed, and leg attack speed. In Winshi v.A.1 thru v.A.1.4.5, there have been only three levels for each of these. In the final version of the game, which will also be in the next build, there will be eight levels for each stat. The character will be able to become pretty strong, but they’ll need to earn it. The problem is, how hard do I want the player to work? I would rather not have them work for 50 hours and only be able to raise one stat by 5 points. Rather, things need to be balanced. So, what is rewarding? Well, to figure this out, I will need to frequently test the game (Aw, playing games?  >:D). Well, I shouldn’t joke. I hear that being an actual game tester isn’t as fun as it may seem.

Regardless, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, something I blogged about in the past. But now, we’re going to step things up a bit! We’re adding powerups for the main player! These are:

  • Power – Increases overall strength
  • Speed – Increases movement speed, arm/leg attack speed
  • Defense – Increases Defense
  • Health – Restores Health
  • Rage -Increases Power, Speed, and Defense all for a price(a certain percentage of your health)

The player will be able to use the stat as long as they have them in their inventory; they’re also purchasable from the exp page. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to just spam these powerups and destroy your headbandless foes. So, you can only use one powerup at a time, and it last for ‘x’ amount of seconds. Furthermore, there is a cooldown time after using a specific powerup. In terms of upgrading, each powerup is upgradeable and has three components. Level, span, and cooldown. Upgrading level provides you with a greater amount of points when you use a powerup, span increases the amount of time a powerup is active, and cooldown decreases the wait time after you use a powerup.

This sounds fun for a player, but for me, well, there needs to be a lot of work in balancing this. I even made a fun little outline detailing what I need to track:

  • Health
    • Level – Starts at 10
      • level 1: +5 = 15; cost:
      • level 2: +3.5 = 18.5; cost:
      • level 3: +2.5 = 21.0; cost:
      • level 4: +3.5 = 24.5; cost:
      • level 5: +5.5 = 30.0; cost:
    • Cooldown
      • One:
      • Two:
      • Three:
      • Four:
      • Five:
  • Power
    • Level – Starts at ‘x’
      • level 1: cost:
      • level 2: cost:
      • level 3: cost:
      • level 4: cost:
      • level 5: cost:
    • Span
      • One: cost:
      • Two: cost:
      • Three: cost:
      • Four: cost:
      • Five: cost:
    • Cooldown
      • One: cost:
      • Two: cost:
      • Three: cost:
      • Four: cost:
      • Five: cost:
  • Looks wonderful! This doesn’t include speed, defense and the rage powerup either, which means that there is a lot more work to be done. If I had a full day to dedicate to this, then I probably would make significant progress at the end of such. Unfortunately, this is not the case at this moment in time. No worries though! Maybe this means that moving slower will allow me to think about details for longer, meaning less holes?

    One can only hope. That’s it for now. This bus isn’t really the easiest place to type.

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