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Posted in Other by Shawn on March 18, 2011

Version A.2 is in progress, and my roadmap is getting smaller, as I am completing more and more task. I wanted to take a moment and talk about how versions of being handled.

In a nutshell, randomly.

I always forgot/don’t bother to/don’t worry about keeping an update about how many changes that I am making to a code. I could probably keep track, as I’m using git, but, as I’m working independently, this may not be that big of a concern. I was planning on not releasing anything between Version A.1 and Version A.2, but that failed, as I had to release Version A.1.1, due to some bugs that caused a player the inability of moving on to a new level :/

I then released Version A.1.4.5. This wasn’t really a scheduled release. There were many behind the scene changes, as well as some noticeable changes. These big changes were being saved until the version A.2 build, but I also wanted to see if I could upload the project online. I was successful, and figured, I might as well let people play it! I was planning on saving the weather effects(rain, lighting), the night level w/ stars, and the deadly enemy for version A.2. However, I can still play with these existing features. For example, I need to edit the weather effects to automatically start after a certain period of time in a level. You can start in a sunny level and finish in a rainy one!

Version A.2 should still have some pretty interesting new features. Like a new enemy feature! They sparkle.

Seriously they do.

But it’s not just for fun. The player will not be left behind though. They should be able to do some fun new tricks as well. Interested? Well, I’ll provide more details closer to vA.2’s release date.

That’s it for now….

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