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7MOM (7-ish minutes of music) Weeks 5 and 6

Posted in Other by Shawn on March 6, 2016

Whoops. I didn’t post these. I have no good reason. But here they are now! Better late than never?

For most of week 5, I tried to play around with a single sound. For most of Week 6, well, I tried for chiptune-ish music.

One thing I find myself having a hard time doing is figuring out how to tell a full story in a minute.

Also, I have to admit, on Thursdays, I have a hard time doing something that sounds good. Mostly because we have our weekly dev nights, and I tend to not put a full effort towards the track on those days. This something I’ll need to fix.

Anyway, here’s all the music. There’s none in particular that I like, so if you’re reading this, I won’t mind if you skip everything.

Also, I didn’t really adjust for volume. So, if you do decide to listen, start with the volume low.

Week 5!

Thursday, February 18th

Friday, February 19th

Saturday, February 20th

Sunday, February 21st

Monday, February 22nd

Tuesday, February 23rd

Wednesday, February 24th

Week 6!

Thursday, February 25th

Friday, February 26th

Saturday, February 27th

Sunday, February 28th

Monday, February 29th

Tuesday, March 1st

Wednesday, March 2nd



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