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7MOM (7-ish minutes of music) Week 3

Posted in Other by Shawn on February 13, 2016

Gah, I should have posted this earlier, but week three is finished. This week was weird, because I was experimenting with different time signatures. All of these tracks are not good. So listen at your own risk.

Thursday, February 4th

For some reason, I asked someone to give me a time signature. They gave me 15/4. Also 300 bmp. I don’t know what I was doing.

Friday, February 5th

This next track is 7/8. I never got comfortable until the end, and by then, I wanted to switch up everything. It’s all kind of harsh, too.

Saturday, February 6th

5/8 is weird. Also, I’m bad at music. But I also didn’t really stick to it as much as I should have, so it comes across a bit more standard.

Sunday, February 7th

3/4 is alright. I knew I was more comfortable with 3/4, but I didn’t really experiment as much as I should have. This is pretty boring.

Monday, February 8th

This track is 6/4, and listening to it again makes me realize that I’m either ignoring the time signatures, or…well, I don’t know. Also, this is weird music.

Tuesday, February 9th

This is another 5/8 track. I think this sticks to the 5/8 time signature better than the one on the 6th. Doesn’t mean I like it any more.

Wednesday, February 10th

This track is 7/4 . You can definitely count it. Unfortunately, to count it, you’ll need to listen to it.


This was a bad week.

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