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Posted in Other by Shawn on February 28, 2011

So, according to Redmine (where I’m tracking my progression), I started my serious work on Project S on February 6th 2011. I’ve tried to put in as much work as I could, and I think I actually have made some progress. In between dealing with work related things from 8am – 7pm, and eternally riding the bus (blargh), I managed to put some fun things together. Of course, there is many thanks that needs to go around, which I will do in the future. Right now, in development, I have a project titled “Winshi – tales of the sky ninja” in production. I’ve been calling it Project S on this blog, and on OriGamInc’s pages, but now, it has a name.


winshi on black

Winshi - tales of the sky ninja

Why all this drama? Well, for fun. That’s really it.

Anyway, while the short series Moar Clouds contains the cloud elements for Winshi, I was actually playing around with the XNA studio for developing Project S. However, I was introduced to Unity by a friend who I met at a Philadelphia Game Dev Meetup, and I started to work simultaneously with Unity and XNA, and eventually decided to work solely in Unity. That doesn’t mean I want to abandon XNA! I’ll go back eventually, possibly after I’m done with this project.

Slated for March 7th is the due date for the Version A build of Winshi. This build will contain 5 levels that someone can play, in addition to a minor stats page. You’ll be able to level up to a certain degree, and play the levels as much as you want. This is intended to garner feedback from anyone who is nice enough to be interested. I’ll also probably link a downloadable version to OriGamInc’s webpage as well. But, I do want to have some fun with this and actually have demo disc. Ah, the days of the demo disc……..

Unfortunately, I have no art skills, or art friends who are free enough to assist me with this project, so currently, there are rectangles set up as place holder.


You're the black rectangle; everything else is out to get you


The blocks look cool, right? Well, I’d like for them to change eventually. I’d but more screens up, but…they’re all pretty much the same. If I could get a video, now that would be better. I’ll look into that eventually.

There’s probably to be more information about Winshi more frequently as opposed to in the past, now that I’m doing more. The story, while nothing dramatic, is still in development. I’ll probably share some more story elements next time, front scene stuff on OriGamInc, back-end details here.

Hey, if you’re interested in playing, let me know! I still have a few more things I want to work on, as I do want to possibly bring this with me to PAX east up in Boston!

And, I guess that’s it for now.

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