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Version A

Posted in Other by Shawn on February 22, 2011

So, as of now, I plan to attend PAX East 2011. Wonderful. There will be games and, well, other things probably. But I am about 80% interested in just the gaming portion.

I also plan to try and get as much help as I can for my project. My goal is to bring a short playable version of Project S to PAX with me. And I may possibly hand it out!

It will be a bit nerve racking, but it’s something that I’m going to need to get over if I ever plan to release games on my own, right?

If anyone reading this (ha!) would like to receive Version A of Project S, then let me know by emailing me here. You may also want to include the phrase “Version A Build” in the subject area too, just so things are a bit easier to manage. The goal is to have this done by March 7th, as PAX is that coming weekend. I want to do things multiple ways disc/digital download. The disc may take me a while to create/copy/etc, which is why I want to be finished by the 7th. I want to make sure that I have enough time to actually make copies, as I am venturing off via Greyhound on Thursday eve.

When I get close to that date, I’ll release some screenshots or something promotional in that fashion. But that’s it for now.

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