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Posted in Other by Shawn on February 21, 2011

My progress with Project S has been moving along, and it makes me wonder how many times you can consolidate code. For example, today, I spent ~3.5 hours just going through a lot of code and seeing what I can make more reusable. It turns out that there is A LOT of work that needed to be done. Half of the problem is that I haven’t had a chance to work on a project like this in quite some time, so I’m not familiar with a lot of things that I want to do. The other percentage is just….well, normal?

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that despite how often things along this matter are said, you will learn new things everyday. If you are trying to do things in an area of interest, then it’s even better as you become more of a knowledgeable person in that field. You can “expand the brackets” regarding the subject that you are studying.

Currently, my brackets seem to be expanding in a way that does not make me feel like I’ve been wasting time. Of course, I haven’t really shared too much of the fruits of my labor here yet, but that is because I’m trying to play things a bit close to the chest. There *are* people who know about what I’m working on, but there aren’t too many. At least, I think there aren’t. Anyway, in terms of progression, it’s nice to be able to see tools moving along. It also makes me wonder how things are done in the world of ‘big wigs’ or even smaller independent studios. I have never really been fortunate to have a chance to view the inner workings of a studio to the point where I would have liked to. Developers blogs and 5 minute videos do not feed by appetite for learning more. And there’s always the fear not liking what I see. But thoughts like this are too distracting right now.

In terms of actual code and junk, my repository’s history has been growing since the first commit on February 8th.

$ git hist | wc -l

That may not seem like a lot to many people, but in terms of how often I actually get to work on this project, it is. Right now, I’ve tracked ~34.00 hours on this project. This doesn’t include time I spend thinking about things, or just fixes that aren’t issues that I just don’t create a record of. Taking a break from working (as I was advised to by a smart person) is helping.

However, I do want to get back to more work, as I do not want to slow up the pace that I am moving at.

So, that’s it for now.

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