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Posted in Other by Shawn on February 14, 2011

Well, from a story standpoint, I’ve finally decided on how I want to progress with the story for project S. While I will still have the normal levels with in a game, the story will progress in an Arc/Act style type fashion. Every Arc will still be related to each other overall though. As someone mentioned this past weekend in IRC, similar to what Metal Gear Solid did with it’s latest console installment. There were multiple acts, one harder than the last, each with smaller storylines which contributed to the overall plot of the game (an in a wider scope, the overall story for the last 20-ish years).

This will also assist me from a developmental standpoint as well. I spent a good portion of the weekend working on a lot of enemy details. New enemies were created, enemy generators where created and modified, etc. One enemy detail is controlling how difficult the enemies will be in the later levels. While the story will be worked on in Arcs, the game will be build in Tiers, with each arc correlating to a different tier, possibly multiple tiers in one arc. Enemies will get stronger with each tier. This allows me to have more control over enemy levels. Initially, I was planning on creating some sort of algorithm controlling how much the stronger the enemies become based on the current level that the player is in. I did not spent too much time until I got….well, annoyed.

Currently, with Project S, I’ve put in a measly ~19.72 hours. While that is still almost a full day, it still does not feel like a lot. Many minutes may be lost somewhere in there, mostly because I don’t have a real timer in Redmine. There are plugins that I can install to do this, but…..I’ve already spent to much time configuring Redmine and Apache and such. And while learning some sys. admin. tools can be useful in the future, I really want to put together a finished product. My Left 4 Dead mod would have been nice to actually complete, if Hammer didn’t decided to…well, be weird and destroy everything I’ve worked on….even with backups.

While I’m not an exhibitioner of any kind, I would really love to have something in demo form my PAX. Then maybe I could burn many a CD and say “Yeah, I’m in indie game developer” with some sort of smugness that I’ll later regret and eventually worry that everyone will come to know me as “that smug programmer”…..and that’s not who I want to be 🙁

This week, I really do want to ‘step up my game’ in terms of how much time I want to put into actual development of the project. This means, that music will need to take a backseat. I’ve already finished the Main Theme for the piece, which I’ve been listening to non-stop, without forcing myself to (I better enjoy it. Redmine says that I spent ~5 hours on it.

I don’t have any screenshots of the game yet. At least none that I want to share. Hopefully, I will soon though.

That’s it for now.

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