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Basic Tools

Posted in Music by Shawn on February 10, 2011

Project S has been moving forward at an exciting pace. The basic tools for the project are pretty much finished. If any one wanted, they could play a *very* simple version of the game. But what’s odd is that nothing breaks at this moment, which is excellent.

Well, supposedly, nothing breaks, but  I haven’t play tested it enough to confirm whether this is the case. If anyone is willing to play-test a very early version of this game, do not hesitate to let me know.

Because a lot of progress has been made in Project S, this means that mostly Unity has been seeing work. I’ve been mostly using javascript with Unity (well, their javascript, I guess), but it’s been moving along nicely. I do hear, and I guess understand, that many programming languages are very similar. However, I decided to mostly use Javascript because of my previous works with XNA and C#. Rather than do something a I already was familiar with, I decided to work with something new(ish). And if I ever run into too much of a problem, I can possibly fall back on C#. However, I rather not combine multiple scripts unless I need too, as this may potentially cause chaos down the line.

I may put up screenshots later on in the day, or during the weekend. Keep in mind, everything is really basic. I still need art :-/. Actually, that’s the only thing I may need to outsource from myself, as I’m making the music myself. Actually the main theme is coming along nicely, and I may just want to share it soon. Maybe when it’s done. If I have my way, it’ll be ready to go by Monday!

In terms of writing, there hasn’t been anything more done with the story for Project S. This weekend may see change to that, which would be nice. If anyone wants to know about the story, all you’ll need to do is ask! In email form of course!

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