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Chromality power do-over

Posted in Other by Shawn on August 21, 2013

I’ve been taking my time, trying to pass through all of Chromality, and changing the overall art style. I have still to do a number of passes through the color schemes, as well as fix a number of issues that I have scheduled as future task. Lately, I’ve been not doing well with keepingĀ  my timer running, and scheduling issues accordingly. Part of that has to do with Terrible Hot Dogs…..which I’m hoping to do something with relatively soon.

Regardless of my own shortcomings, I’ve been working hard at making some sort of progress every night. Not too long ago, I reached finished another section of the visual make-over, completing another iteration of the powerup icon’s redesign. The very first set of powerup icons looked like this:

PowerupIconsThat was okay for the first pass, as I simply wanted icons I could identify with as I worked on the mechanics of the game. That’s how I’ve found myself working on projects. The first portion of creating something uses only standard game objects with no textures. After I can identify the core mechanic, I’ll move on to the first visual update, with a rough model of how I feel things should look. After that, I go back to the mechanics, and focus on whether the visuals and the gameplay compliment each other. I’m more included to change the visuals before changing the gameplay, but in some cases, I must work in the other direction. Of course, this varies from project to project, and this seems like a method that other people use frequently.

Anyway, I moved on from this design to a brighter design, and more simplified, in some regards. To be honest, I’m not sure why the first set was so dark, or why I considered it to be a good idea. Some of the icons worked well for their task, others just did the job.


I was okay with this for a while, until I decided to change the overall style of the game. After working on other elements of the visuals, and experiment, I ended up with this (for now):


As most of my recent deigns, these are a combination of working in both Illustrator and Photoshop. I’ve yet to reach the conclusion to whether that is positive or negative. The new powerup icons are more square, because it’s hip to be square, but more importantly, I feel as if each one has their own personality. There are still a few modifications I plan to make, some which I’m thinking about now as I type this up. But that’s it for now.

Oh, in other news, I’ll be in Boston playing Terrible Hot Dogs for their festival on indie games. More on that another time.

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