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Posted in Other by Shawn on January 24, 2011

One thing that I still plan to do is to write. I took a few philosophy classes in college, and enjoyed them immensely. So much that I ensured that I would continue to do philosophy after I graduated. It was easy to apply philosophy to ‘more serious’ things such as politics and ‘adult’ things (the adult dinner table things, not the adult NSFW things…….), but I wanted to combine everything that I think I know about together. During one class, which focused primarily on the philosophy of time, every other class that I took seemed to apply to that class. My world became much more interconnected than it originally was, something exciting and frightening at the same time. This pushed me into pursuing philosophy but with everything that I do. Pragmatism did the same; everything I knew was affecting everything else I knew and was eventually about to encounter.

Basically….I wanted to pursue philosophy in video games, something that I am trying to do here as well. Unfortunately, time is usually not on my side. And I never have taken a time management class (do those even exist?), so I’m pretty bad at scheduling. Currently, I have a book of topics that I wish to develop into more than just scribbles and doodles.

The writing I plan to pursue applies to video games in a different light as well, as I am currently developing the story for a future (potentially massive) project.  The story that I’m writing aims to be complex and….well, interesting. Of course, many times, some people create stories that they believe are extremely interesting, and turn out to be mundane to the world. I do want to write something enjoyable to not only myself, but the people interacting with the story. This means that while I may include some plot twist and crazy events, I do not think that I’ll write a story that gets a bit out of hand from time to time. But maybe things start simple, and eventually explode in to a chaotic series of events that need a team of writers. If this project ever develops into something much bigger than a few journals, then I do plan to ask for help from others who enjoy writing as well. The more the merrier?

The project that I’m actually writing a story for is OriGamInc’s Project K.A. I haven’t had much time recently to work on that story, but hopefully things will change. My writing process for this story has me working on multiple revisions that grow and grow. What I have come to know from my past writings is that I just work on the complete story then go back and tinker with tidbits here and there. With Project K.A.’s story, my technique has changed considerably. Basically, I know all the big moments and how I want them to develop. This mean writing a….bleh….timeline.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate timelines. They just feel too structured for my free-spirited mind(<— joke). Timelines remind me of outlines which remind me of papers that I did not enjoy writing throughout life. But, it’ had to be done to get this story started…..

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  1. inkforthought said, on January 24, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    you got me up on this 🙂

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