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Posted in Other by Shawn on June 25, 2012

The Little Black Book of Design is a short book where each page contains a few lines with useful information on design. While the book itself is very minimalistic, each page can spawn a worthwhile discussion on why you should (or should not) follow the advice provided to you on that page.

Since I’m into the whole game development thing, I have taken in interest to this book from the eye of a game designer. I cannot identify with each page, as some of them refer to my boss and clients, and I am currently working as an independent developer. I do, however, feel that the pages that even remotely identify with me deserve a few more lines (hence the title of this page!).

My goal, for these series of post, is to spend about 30-45 mins analyzing a single page (if I can), over a series of post. For example, if the first page contains a statement such as “Never regret a decision” (not a real example), then I’ll spend some time looking at why I agree/disagree with this statement. I also plan to use as many resources as I can in help support/undermine my position. This means I’ll also spend the 30-45 mins looking up information that I can use. I do plan to avoid things that I do not fully understand, or require a large amount of reading. I am aware that this can be very dangerous, as I may misinterpret what someone says, even if I am being extremely careful. Still, the point of this is to briefly flesh out each page to some degree, and to see what each idea has to offer, other than what can be taken at face value.

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