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Tone Def Progress Report #1

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on March 6, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything about my progress that I can show off.

I will be the first to admin, it’s nothing new or groundbreaking. In the previous version of Tone Def, there were a set number of instruments that could be used for a level, and depending on the Movement (or world) you were in, you had access to a number of these. This was okay for a concept, but it’s very limiting in a number of ways. Players wouldn’t be able to use weapon ‘X’ on level ‘Y’, if everything was statically set.

However, giving players the choice to use certain weapons potentially limit me, and semi-stand in my way of new ideas for particular levels. And they’re pretty interesting ideas! (well, in my opinion….)


So, what do I do instead? Try for the best of both worlds. I spent the last 6-ish days creating, establishing and refining the page which lets you choose your instrument. It’s pretty straightforward. That empty pane on the right is reserved for a little description of what each instrument does, and the arrow buttons…well, they let you change pages. At this point, I’m not sure how many instruments I’m going to create, but it’s going to be more than 10! And I have some potential ideas for some of the future instruments. ….which hopefully are odd.

There is also this:

Don't Choose!

There will be some levels where players cannot choose all of their instruments! Maybe they’re going to be challenge levels, or levels where I just feel like being mean, but when this shows up, players will have instruments automatically selected for them. This gives me a bit more freedom with levels where I have specific levels in mind.

But that’s really it for now. Not much, but something. I do have a few ideas for level modes that I’m currently working on, but I’ll talk about those some other day, when I can put together a better post.

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