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Finished Soon?

Posted in Other by Shawn on January 24, 2012

So, this past weekend, I managed to take care of a bunch of task that I had sitting around, but couldn’t do, due to lack of a laptop.

New instruments, new sounds, new art, new enemy types, new music, and the beginnings of the final boss! Exciting right?

Right now, I really do want to have this finished, latest by February 1st. That date depends of if I am attending the Global Game Jam, and how much work I accomplish over the course of this week. Lately, life has asked me to do a bunch of other things not directly related to game development. In addition to that, and my lack of computer, I feel as if I do not work hard enough on my games. Now, this could be the case, or I could be hard on myself. It’s most likely the former. So, here I go with more work! Who needs sleep anyway? Most living things, apparently…..

But back to game stuff. The remaining task involve finishing a song & 1/2, as well as finishing the very odd boss. Well, it’s odd for this game. Curious? Maybe I’ll talk about it at a later point in time. At the rate I make music, I may not be able to finish this as soon as I want, but then again, I shouldn’t rush things and sacrifice the quality of the project.

After I finish this, the plan is to get back to work on Mr. Condyle’s Escape. It’s been quite some time since I worked on that, but I really should continue it, unless I can find a good reason not to. There is that other project, MossHawk, which I have put on the side indefinitely. I do plan to return to it, but that game would need a lot more development time that most of my other projects at its current scope.

But that’s it for now. If I don’t update between now and the first, it’s because I’m mad at work, trying to put together something I think is good. We’ll see!

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