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MossHawk: End of Iteration 1

Posted in Other by Shawn on November 20, 2011

The first iteration for project MossHawk is finished. What did I do?

Well, since MossHawk is technically a somewhat ‘secret’ project, I cannot really give out too many details.

Although I already have in person to many people.

A few details about MossHawk:

  • It’s going to be another PC project
  • It’s another single player game
  • It’s mostly in 2D, although there will be some elements where you can change perspectice
  • When the main player dies, it’s not the end. Actually, in many situations, death is encouraged.
  • You can help yourself. A lot.

Good details, right? Well, because I’m also working on MCE, I can’t work as fast with this as I can with MCE….albeit, that wasn’t that fast to begin with. However, I’m back to my initial goal of trying to sketch out a level in MCE a day, or at least every two days. Of course, these levels will still need art & music, and will need to progress accordingly in difficultly, but before I can do that, I still need the levels.

That’s it for now, as I do not have much to discuss. Right now, I’m looking at a lot of development that needs to be done, and not as much time as I would like. Despite that, I still need to make due with what I have for now.

…..inspiring, right?

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