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MCE – End of Iteration 9

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on November 14, 2011

Looks like I’m going to have to append these in terms of what project I’m working on.

It looks like I finally ended Iteration 9. My problem was that I started working on MossHawk, and did get a bit distracted. Good news? A lot of the framework for MossHawk has been completed. The bad news? There’s probably bad news somewhere.

In regards to MCE, this past iteration had me building new levels for the newest tools that were created, such as the heat seeking bomb guy with the crazy eyes. That level is actually quite interesting, and I somewhat wish I managed to get these last three new items into my demo. Of course, this is my demo, so I can add this in, and release a new demo. Which I probably will!

This next iteration looks like it has me taking care of some new music. I am very excited to add new music! World 3 (which will remain unnamed for now) will need to have to continue my musical trend, which is….I’m not really sure. But it’s different, and if anyone would like to put this music into a genre, then go ahead. I’m not sure how to describe it. I already have hub music that I can use for the third world, so any more hub music will be devoted to later world hubs.

And I need to build more levels. However, the process at which I am going about it has me divided. I can just make level after level after level, ignoring which world I am working on, or I can progress, making levels that I feel will fit in world 3, then world 4, etc etc. Right now, I think I’m going to go a combination of the two, and first start out on finishing the worlds in order. Then, if I find I have a cool idea for a level of some kind, I’ll mock it up, make it, and leave it void of art, mostly because I do no know what world they’re going to go in.

For anyone who played the demo, and unlocked the secret world, you may notice that the art style is a mashup of the first two worlds, and that the traps and items in the level are pretty inconsistent. Well, this is mostly because those levels were built at random times, similar to how I was just describing my process. They will eventually find a home, somewhere in a later level. As for now, they’ll float around in World X. Similar to Dimension X, but no Krang. Fortunately. He(?) is somewhat weird.

But that’s it for now. I need to seriously start thinking of the task that I need to complete for MCE, as well as MossHawk. I do hope I’m not spreading myself too thin, working on two projects, something that I cannot even do full time yet. I can still work on adding, revising, planning, etc, when I’m not on my work station, and while planning is very very important, I want to actually put things together. Still, one should never underestimate the power of planning, something that got me to the point I am at. Actually, I think I’m going to grab a Resse’s Stick (I’m addicted!), pour a cup of Egg Nog (yay!), and start some planning, as I’m feeling tons of inspiration just thinking about planning. Which is good?

Okay. Really. That’s it for now.

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