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Day after Day

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on November 11, 2011

So, at this moment, there’s nothing new and exciting going on in terms of my development. At least, nothing that I’m sharing just yet.

Work on MCE has been the same. More level building!

I actually have a few fun things in store if the news for my game starts picking up steam. But, right now, I’m playing things a bit close to the chest, as I usually do. Well, I like to think that I do, but if you go through this blog, you’ll find a lot of information regarding MCE.

I have also been working on the Top Secret super project MossHawk. It’s not really that secret, but it’s fun to go about saying it is. This game is going to be a bit different from MCE. For example, you can control the main character in real time! What a modern marvel. Also, there will be bad guys! Another crazy new feature that hasn’t been heard of (except for 85%* of all games out there today). The game is still 2-Dimensional however, which shouldn’t take away from the fun. And the genre? Well, there are puzzles. And there are moments where it may feel like an adventure type game. But there’s also bound to be plenty of action! Oh, and this game has a pretty interesting story line at the moment. So there will be drama. Suspense. Tears? Only mine.

Anyway, this game is shaping up to be a really cool project. I may just have to tell more people about it soon.

I also need to get more into the local gaming scene. There are gaming companies in Philly, as well as gaming groups/meetups/etc, and I haven’t really been doing my part as an indie developer to try and attend these meetings or other events. My situation has become a ‘bit’ more stable right now, so this may change soon. There are a few events that I’m planing on attending over the next couple of days, such as an IDGA meeting and a local video game meetup. I’m really interested in the Philadelphia gaming scene, and I would like to see it become much bigger than it is. Not to say that there aren’t a good list of Philadelphia Game-related groups. Why….here’s a list of some! (I’m not on that list….yet?)

That’s it for now. I need to tell more people about this game of mine somehow….

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