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It’s Moves Just Like You

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on November 2, 2011

This item may be the last new element I make for MCE puzzles for a while. Unless I have some other stroke of…something, and figure out how to include all those other things that I have no clue how to implement….in any case….

There’s this orb. And it looks looks a lot like Mr. Zenbrack Condyle. It’s a bit smaller though. Oh, and surrounded by little bolts of something. Probably lightning.

It's Electric! (Not really though. It's just a good song)

Anyway, this thing will do what Mr. Condyle does. If he jumps, the orb will jump. If he moves left, the orb will move left. If Mr. Condyle grabs ice cream in the middle of January at a beach in New Jersey….well, let’s just hope that he buys two ice cream cones instead of one. Oh, and hopefully a jacket or two.

There’s one other thing about this orb though. It’s weak. Very weak. The only thing it can touch are the orb chambers. If it touches anything else, then it disappears. Which isn’t good. Because there are these special doors which only unlock when you bring that orb here:

It's a Chamber. For Orbs....only one type of orb though.

Once brought to the special chamber, the orb will unlock the special orb door. Simple, right? Just make sure you don’t let Mr. Condyle die. Oh, and make sure the orb doesn’t touch anything. Don’t even let you finger touch the computer screen. Why? Because the screen will probably get oily, and that doesn’t look good, right?

That’s it for now. Oh, I have a piece of music that I want to use for Project Code Name Operation: MossHawk. (Is that what I’m calling it?). Maybe I’ll post that later this week!

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