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Delays and Deadlines

Posted in Other by Shawn on September 19, 2011

I think I’ve mentioned deadlines before, or something similar to that.

Well, currently, I’m using Redmine to act as my project management tool. I had this running on a Fedora 14 (yes, ‘old’) running on Virtual Box. However, due odd setup situations and setups, things broke. And backups? Not working. While my data is still there (I need to mount the LVM, which apparently I shouldn’t have been using anyway, and search for the files), there isn’t really a great way to get my files off of the machine. So….

Enter Linode, and a new Fedora distro (15!). I have a few things running on the machine – irssi, remote git repositories, but I have yet to set up Redmine. I had a bit of a problem setting it up last time, but that was mostly due to me being foolish. Hopefully, the second time around will be much easier. This is _if_ I cannot get my files from my older machine….which would make me sad, because I have a lot of important resources on that. Right now, experiences with Linode have been good. When I more free time, I plan to play around with different types of Linux for kicks.

Anyway, the breaking of things delayed me and slightly set me back in terms of motivation, which means I didn’t get too much done every day this week. On the days that I did do something, I was happy with the results. Right now, for what I want to submit to random Indie festivals, I have all the music and art I need. I need more levels!

Oh, and I made this chart a few weeks back. It shows the result of everything the player does; what happens when you click start, pause, etc etc. It’s somewhat interesting, which is why I’m posting it.

It's what you'll do

But that’s it for now. I realized that I haven’t blogged for a while, so I wanted to update someone or anyone. But back to working!

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