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Work With Unity

Posted in Other by Shawn on January 16, 2011

This weekend has me spending a lot of time with Unity, and working through basic tutorials to get a feel for what I can/cannot do, and what happens when I hit every button at once (mostly nothing).

A basic look at the interface

I have not created any scripts for controlling in game objects yet, which can also be implemented using methods I haven’t focused on as of now. This is my first real time experimenting with an engine of this kind. While this is a 3D engine, it is possible to develop 2D games through multiple methods. One could be creating 3D objects, but leaving the world in 2D, similar to games such as Super Smash Brothers.  This seems more difficult, as you may need to work on fully creating 3D objects, as certain objects may show all their sides, as opposed to 2D objects, who are quite lazy.

A 3D object from a 2D perspective

Another option that I can pursue, as I saw from GameDevNewbie’s website is to have a depth of 1 (in one axis) for all of my objects. This would leave me less obligated to work on making full 3D objects.

This reason why I bring this up, is because currently, I am working with Microsoft’s XNA framework to develop  for OriGamInc’s Project S. Once I started playing with Unity, I quickly thought of the possibilities of using it to work on the Project. However, if I abandon using XNA, I will lose a lot of time put into this. While I am currently learning more about XNA, I am also getting a better understanding of syntax for C#.

I will continue to use both tools for furthering my development skills, but eventually, I may find that I need to make a decision.

That’s it for now.

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