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OriGamInc is back! And it came with a game!

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on August 25, 2011

Well, it never left. Don’t want to read on? Go there now!

I just stopped paying attention to it to really focus on game development. However these last four days were spent restructuring the website, much of it on the back end, making it much easier for me to manage. There’s some php changes, navigation changes, and it is now being versioned by Git. I also set up a way to conduct test.Which is better.

Much better.

Seriously, before, I was just messing around with the main page whenever I felt like it. I would change the production site, and if someone was currently on it, the same page would change about 15 times in a minute. Pretty unprofessional.

And guess what’s announced? MCE! Don’t know what MCE is? Go to this page right now! Exciting stuff?

This is MCE

All this work went into OriGamInc mostly because I sill plan to start an independent game studio. And this is where all of that work will go. It’s a very simple site, partially my work, with the blog handled by WordPress. It is intended to be simple, easy to read, and direct. Also, I don’t have a ton of html/css skills, nor do I want to pursue that at this point in time. Of course, I’ll continue to update this blog. This is still more of a personal blog, but it has become about 85% about my game development .

However, I’ll be getting back to that later on this week. I have some new music that I’d added to the game, and it works out nicely! Also, I finished writing all of the music scripts that I need to manage within the game!Excellent, right? Now all I need to do is actually continue writing the music. Maybe I’ll post some snippets of that music script later on that week. But who really wants to read my code?

But that’s it for now! Yay for OriGamInc? Oh, and if you don’t haven’t played the game yet go here to download a copy! ( To download a window’s copy, you can use this link, for a mac, this one. Please note, the game (at the moment) looks/runs best on a window’s PC with a 16:9 display.)

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