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Demo v1.545/End of Iteration 6

Posted in Other by Shawn on August 22, 2011

So I have a playable demo! And you can play! You’ll need to ask fiercely, as it’s quite a difficult process making the demo available for all to play. So, I figured I should make it just as hard to get the game. Make sense?

Not really. All you really need to do is click on one of these links:

Download for Windows!

Download for Mac!

Or if you’re on the super top secret list of people, then you have already received an email with links to game. If you’re not on the list (there are a few people who should be, but I’ve lost their email address….), then click on one of those links above. If you want to be on the special updates list, let me know.

And it also looks like this current iteration is over. I managed to get up to 18 task for the 6th iteration, finishing all but 2, both of them art related. This upcoming iteration will focus on some more level building and some more artwork. I want to add more traps as well, but I haven’t really thought of new traps yet. It would be cool to put things in that didn’t make sense in terms of gameplay (I actually just thought of one right now!), but since this isn’t your traditional puzzle/platform game, I can’t simply include anything and everything. I can still do a lot though!

Also, I want to start putting in the game music. I have a few scripts that manage my game music, but I’m not currently using them, nor am I using the music that I have created thus far. By the end of this iteration, this should hopefully change.

I also plan to use this iteration to address any feedback that I get! The next time I release a build will probably be a while from now. World one is not finished, and that is a milestone that I want to reach before I even think about including additional levels. Actually, I would rather finish half of world two before I put out another demo. That may be a bit from now. It all depends on how much time I have to work, and if they ever decided to add more hours to a normal day.

But that’s it for now! If you play and have feedback, let me know via comments/email/contact page/skywriting/telegram/sing-o-gram/encrypted message!

And if you do play, thanks.

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