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Play This Game!

Posted in Other by Shawn on April 25, 2011

So…’s been about a month now, and I have something that I’m actually sharing with others.

This month didn’t go a smoothly as I thought it would. I had a couple of plans, such as design a level every two days, and work ‘x’ amounts of minutes a day, but alas….those life things, expected and not, happened to take control of my life. I remember watching a video of a developer who had made a lot of progress within 8-9 days. When I think about that, I feel a bit….well, lackluster. However, There are a bunch of things that may probably contribute to my disappointingly slow production time (I think I’m being hard on myself….). I guess the biggest contributing factor would be that game development isn’t my day job.

Anyway, I have created some discs, and have uploaded some files online, and now my plan is to start asking for feedback. From who? Anyone who wants to play the game. So, if anyone reads this, and they are interesting in playing my latest work in progress which I plan to develop into something much greater than it is now, then let me know! Leave an comment, drop an email, etc etc.

And let me know what you think.

In terms of getting back to development, while I do not think I’ve been slacking, I need to pick up the pace and start working harder. Even when I’m not actually developing or designing something, I need to be planning, thinking and researching (researching = playing other games). I do not have nearly as many task as I had during this time in comparison to Winshi. A reason for that is mostly because I spent much more time off the computer and designing levels and artwork in my sketchbook. If I started logging data and time for designing levels and implementing them, I would have a much more impressive task list.

That’s it for now. I should work on some more things!

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