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April 18th Update

Posted in Other by Shawn on April 18, 2011

(Can’t really think of a decent title)

Well, I think that I’m making progress with my Unity Puzzle game project! Well, regardless of how much I have actually done, I am farther than where I was a couple of weeks ago. I believe that I have finished the in-game interface for the player. I say ‘believe’ because there may turn out to be bugs of some kind, but right now, things seem to be operational. If I encounter no more bugs, then I will definitely be done with the in-game GUI, and go back to designing game levels and concepts.

I have actually, and unfortunately, have no been able to keep up with my “design one level every two days”. This has been mostly because of the latest stint with the GUI. According to my project management tool, I’ve spend ~5 hours on the last part of the interface. This was spent building a class that will help display the actions that he main player has selected before the game is put into motion. In total, I’ve spent about around 11 hours on final version of the GUI. This doesn’t count the time spent on initially creating the GUI and telling everything what to do (which I didn’t log time for, so who knows how long I’ve spent on this in total). I took my time with this, because I really do not want to worry about focusing on this later on in the developmental period. I want to focus on creating coherent gameplay. But the interface is very simple.

I actually plan to let other people play the game soon! The last thing I needed was the final piece of the interface, but my last session of work fixed that. Which means that I may start forcing people I know to play this. Why force? Because then the person who plays the game will be angry that I forced them to play it, meaning that they will not be nice when giving me feedback, which means the odds of it being honest and such are greater. At least, that’s my logic behind it. Quality logic? Probably not. But if I think about this any longer, I may prove myself wrong.

So that’s it for now.

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