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Future Plans

Posted in Other by Shawn on April 11, 2011

I haven’t had too much time this past week to do much of anything in terms of game development, which is very depressing. However, this just means that I need to “step up my game” in terms of development this week. Especially because I have decided to shoot for submitting a work of mine to the IGF, the Independent Game Festival. What does this mean for me? More work and a goal of some kind.

The next submission for the IGF may not be until the summer hours grace us with their abundance of sunshine and tremendous heat. But until then, I will constantly click away at my mouse and keyboard until I can manage to put something that I feel is presentable together. As of this point in time, I think that I may actually work on developing my puzzle game enough to submit to the festival. I could also submit Winshi, but that is more of a fun learning experience project, rather than a “Hey, I’ll show this off” project. And I already got potential good feedback about the puzzle game before I even starting to program any code. Hey, at least the concept sounds like it’s good/unique. If things actually go much better for this, I may actually need to put Winshi on a serious back burner….although it does break my heart to do such.

I did hear that you’re not supposed to be scared to move on to a different project and leave one behind. The¬†terminology¬†for such I rather not repeat here, for fear of getting in trouble, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I figured that it would be very painful to stop one project and move on to another, but because I think this next idea is much more original (at least, I hope it is) and can potentially be much more user friendly – in the beginning at least – moving on isn’t so bad. And all that prior experience with Winshi has taught me a lot of good tricks. Enough that I actually put together a playable level of the game in a much faster period of time than it took me to develop a level for Winshi.

As I’m typing this, I feel more and more compelled to work on the puzzle game as opposed to Winshi. And by the time this post is over, I think I will get to that point. I do feel bad for my skydiving ninjas. If anyone in the future would like me to continue work on this game, then I will. Actually, I think I may just whip up an online, “free to play” build of the game online. But that’s unimportant right now. Right now, I look towards the future. Well, tomorrow morning I’ll do that. Right now, it’s 12:39 am, and I feel like watching Dead Space: Downfall right now. I haven’t seen it. Hopefully it is good!

So, that’s it for now.

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