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Split Time

Posted in Other by Shawn on April 4, 2011

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time working on the new game idea that I have. Things are much easier to get into initially, as coding for Winshi has helped. I think I may have learned something, and have figured out how to think a bit better when developing ¬†game. Progress? Possibly……

This new game is also being developed in Unity, as I don’t want to spend too much time bouncing around from different developmental tools. Managing multiple games at once is one story, but multiple games in multiple tools may get a bit too hectic. I still do not know everything that Unity can do, and before I venture off to a brand new tool, I want to learn more about what I’m currently using. There’s still a lot I don’t know, which I learn every time I hop onto #unity3d.

I’m still working on Winshi though! I’m splitting my time, and hopefully, I’m doing it well. Only time will tell. But it actually helps keep me sane. When I feel as if one project is bugging me too much, or that my progress is slowing down, I switch to a different one, which helps in regards to both projects. I should also probably start taking time off completely, and step away from video gaming. Which is actually do when I ‘research’. My research is playing games. Right now, I’m actually playing a few platformer games, which is actually the other part of the game that I am currently working on. So a puzzle platfomer? The concept is somewhat different, and still needs to be refined.

In regards to Winshi, I still need to work on finishing the levels for Winshi’s vA.2. Things aren’t difficult. Most of it is basically balancing levels so a player doesn’t feel overwhelmed. One combat level is (almost) finished, and 4 other levels need to be completed. The most tedious thing will be the development and balancing of the experience points page. My plan is to take my time in regards to this so numbers do not clog my brain.

I actually hope to record game footage soon, with something like FRAPS. Then I can advertise some of the things that I’m actually working on.

But off to do more research! So that’s it for now.

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