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A New Project Approaches!

Posted in Other by Shawn on March 31, 2011

First things things: I need to worry about not getting in over my head.

That being said, now that I’m actually creating things, there’s this new idea for a project spawned from actually playing video games, something that I need to remember to do every so often. Right now, I’m not going to spew out too many details. However, as of now, things are planned to be difficult. They’ll probably be difficult for me, but I do plan to have things difficult for the player as well. Not complicated. Just difficult.

Right now, the plan is to have another 2D project. The reason for this is because, well, if I tried to go out to make a 3D project, things may get very complicated. Especially with what the project entails. Also, there’s a lot of room for cool design concepts, both artistically and gameplay wise. Oh, did I say the game was a semi-puzzle game? Well, it is. Now, while drawing/writing/dreaming about this, the idea grew much more complex than it should have in its infancy, probably a character flaw of mine. I should probably take my time with the development of this one. Although, I guess I also need to follow some words of others, which is to get a playable version as soon as possible.

I’ll try to strike a balance of some kind.

The last two days have actually been much slower than I would have liked them to be. The problem is that a machine of mine experienced some technical difficulties, ones that I’m actually still recovering from. Unfortunately, I let this affect much more than I should have in terms of development. Today, to save time, I mass pushed a ton of files via git. Probably not the best idea, but I really need to move on. I set a deadline for April 15th, and I still have a bit to do to make the deadline (there’s only so many hours in the day…..).  I still have a lot of sound related things to add to Winshi, which I haven’t seemed to make the time for. That’s why, as I said two post ago, that the A.3 series will probably be mostly dedicated to sound. Let’s hope that I stick to the plan.

As for now, I plan to write down a list of the things that I will need to accomplish to have the base gameplay for the new project. I already create the Project in Redmine, now it just needs to be populated with issues. I’m excited all over again….

…but that’s it for now.

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