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7MOM (7-ish minutes of music) Week 4

Posted in Other by Shawn on February 19, 2016

Huh. Week 4. So I’ve been at this for a month.

Let’s see what I tried to do this month…

Thursday, February 11th

To be honest, I was playtesting a game, and wasn’t really paying attention what I was doing. I’ll leave it at that.


Friday, February 12th

For reasons I won’t get into for now, this is something that supposed to have lyrics.


Saturday, February 13th

I guess I was really feeling the instrumental pieces that sound like they could have some lyrics layered over the top. I don’t mind the semi-empty feeling, but I do feel like this piece needs something.

Sunday, February 14th

Same thing as the previous day. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m more mechanical than I would like to be. I’ll probably talk about that in the future.

Monday, February 15th

I really had high hopes when I was experimenting with sounds for this piece. And I got a bit too hectic and never really found a nice groove for it. It’s neat as an exploration, but not as a minute piece. I do think that if I had more than minute, it would give it more time to develop.

Tuesday, February 16th

Ugh, that bass drum. It’s too much. I ran out of time, and never fixed the volume for the opening. It feel better when the snare comes in, but I’m still not a fan of this.

Wednesday, February 17th

I decided to go back to a 5/4 time signature for the last day of this week. I *think* I figured out what I need to do to make these work. I won’t know until I try again, of course.


Huh, it’s been a month. Not sure if I’ve gotten any better. Let’s see what happens after month two.

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7MOM (7-ish minutes of music) Week 3

Posted in Other by Shawn on February 13, 2016

Gah, I should have posted this earlier, but week three is finished. This week was weird, because I was experimenting with different time signatures. All of these tracks are not good. So listen at your own risk.

Thursday, February 4th

For some reason, I asked someone to give me a time signature. They gave me 15/4. Also 300 bmp. I don’t know what I was doing.

Friday, February 5th

This next track is 7/8. I never got comfortable until the end, and by then, I wanted to switch up everything. It’s all kind of harsh, too.

Saturday, February 6th

5/8 is weird. Also, I’m bad at music. But I also didn’t really stick to it as much as I should have, so it comes across a bit more standard.

Sunday, February 7th

3/4 is alright. I knew I was more comfortable with 3/4, but I didn’t really experiment as much as I should have. This is pretty boring.

Monday, February 8th

This track is 6/4, and listening to it again makes me realize that I’m either ignoring the time signatures, or…well, I don’t know. Also, this is weird music.

Tuesday, February 9th

This is another 5/8 track. I think this sticks to the 5/8 time signature better than the one on the 6th. Doesn’t mean I like it any more.

Wednesday, February 10th

This track is 7/4 . You can definitely count it. Unfortunately, to count it, you’ll need to listen to it.


This was a bad week.

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7MOM (7-ish minutes of music) Week 2

Posted in Other by Shawn on February 4, 2016

Well, made it to week two!

This week was a bit weird, and I realized that there’s no real theme for each week. I could adopt a style for each week, but I’m not sure if it’s something I should do. During this past week, or at least towards the middle of it, I found myself working on music I heard while growing up.

One thing I should note again is what I normally do when working on music for one of my games, which is, constant deletion and being angry at myself due to my ability to not make anything I like. It normally takes several hours, or even a days to find 10-30 seconds that I’m happy with, which makes this one minute challenge extremely difficult to endure. First off, I don’t listen to anything again until it’s time for to upload it. A re-listen only happens so I can write the description for each track. And so far, it’s been very easy to find things to dislike when listening to something again. My first pass at something is normally deleted, and it’s really taking everything in my power to not delete anything. One other thing that I’m not really spending a lot of time doing is mixing the music, balancing the sounds, etc. I’m sure that if I did this, everything would sound a *lot* better, or at least, not as terrible and muddled. What I’m hoping is that as I work through my one minute pieces, I arrive at the sounds I like faster, leaving me with more time for mixing. At this point, however, the main focus is to refine my ability to put together something coherent.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of junk I tried to make this week.

Thursday, January 28th 2016

I don’t know what I was thinking with this one. I was really just picking random sounds. That horn sounded cool, but I couldn’t find anything I liked to go along with it. So, really, it was just a lot of lost note additions.


Friday, January 29th 2016

I’m pretty disappointed in this one. I never found the piano sound I was happy with. I spent too long looking for something and never figured out where I was going. The reason why it’s so boring and repetitive is because I only really got to 20-30 seconds and realized that I had 3 minutes left to get my 60 seconds of music.

So….I just repeated things. This one, along with everything else so far, can be considered a failure.


Saturday, January 30th 2016

So, I decided to try and composes something that I grew up listening to. This was weird, and I’m not really happy with anything. It’s way to empty, but I struggled with balancing everything. There were a lot more sounds running simultaneously, but I deleted them. (I should have deleted this entire thing)


Sunday, January 31st 2016


Monday, February 1st 2016

…I should have stopped.


Tuesday, February 2nd 2016

Okay, this one isn’t as bad as the other ones. But it’s because after 4 days, I finally figured out how to play that piano part. It’s what was missing from the previous tracks, and I’m a bit angry at myself taking so long to figure this out.


Wednesday, January 3rd 2016

This is the only thing I don’t hate completely. I arrived at the theme of the song rather quickly, to my surprised, and was able to spend more time building on that, as opposed to the previous 13 days. Still, I feel like it’s incomplete. Maybe because it’s really short? I’m not sure, but I may want to try and work on this one in the future.

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