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You know what they say about a full moon…..

Posted in Other by Shawn on November 20, 2012

Actually, I’m not sure…..maybe if I stare at this moon for a while, I’ll come up with something….


Wings and Wigs

Posted in Other by Shawn on November 1, 2012

Well, the actual name of the project is Wiggity Wings. What is it exactly?

To be completely honest, it’s based off a dream, or series of dreams, I had a few weekends ago. The night before, I planned to make whatever I dreamed about into a game, as sort of practice. I wanted to try and do my best with a set of ideas imposed upon me. Yeah, they were bymy own subconscious, but I still feel that counts. So, the project turned into something called Wiggity Wings.

So, what’s the game all about? The only things I could remember from the dream were wings, bungee jumping and wigs. So, as per my dream game jam rules, the game contains bungee jumping, wigs and wings, in that order. Players must bungee jump to first collect wigs which add to their total flight time. Once they finish collecting wigs, the must fly while dodging horrible enemies, such as scissors. The game is actually playable on this page.

What I’m planning on doing though is finishing this game in about a month’s time max. Again, planning. I may not meet my goal, but then again, it’s not a large goal to shoot for. After the month is over, Wiggity Wings will be available for download via some link that I put in on the OriGamic page for the game. I don’t want to spend too much time on the game, as I do want to get back to work on Tone Def: Revenge of the SquareBots. I’ve been working on the game for too long, and I feel like not releasing it would be disappointing. Especially since some people seem to be actually interested. Plus, I’ll have more of an excuse to make all different types of music that can only work for in odd situations.

Anyway, after a few weeks, the game will be available, and most likely, the soundtrack will be on the Bandcamp page for OriGaminc. My lone track up there isn’t getting much love, and slightly lonely. Probably because the songs is strange.

But that’s it for now. This was a long over due post. Again, I pledge to be more consistent. As I do with everything in life.

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