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Posted in Other by Shawn on October 31, 2011

So, truth be told, I haven’t played any of my home game consoles in 1.5+ years. Not fun. Actually, somewhat scary (it is Halloween, so I guess it works). I have played what I could on my laptop, but that’s always an adventure, as there’s an imminent fear of this hardware breaking down every time I use it.

But, they’re back in my possession (yay). This means what? Well, many more hours of playing games. For multiple reasons.

I get to enjoy something that I, well, really enjoy. And a benefit of being out a year and some is that I’m behind on a lot of good games, a lot of which probably have sequels out or coming soon. This means that the retail price will drop. It’s nice to save a few dollars.  There’s also a lot of content which I’ve been missing out. I would like to call myself a dedicated gamer, but there are a lot of ‘blockbuster’ games that I just haven’t played (Borderlands, Mass Effect 2, Dark Souls & Demon Souls – I want all of these), and I need to do some serious catching up on these.

I’ve also been on the other side of games, trying to make my own, and putting a lot of work into MCE, and recently, secret project codename MossHawk. When I go back to these games, I could very well take myself out of the players role, and break down some aspects that I may have run across. Of course, there are a lot of things that I don’t know or have experienced on the developmental side, but there are some things were I though, “oh they probably did this.”

One fear that I had was that I’d constantly be doing this. I’d try and over analyze everything that’s done, what I would have done, what I could have done in comparison to what the developers did, blah blah blah. But, I’m happy to say that after playing some Dead Space 2 (I bought it before I got my system back. Why? I like Dead Space a lot), the only thing that I thought was “I hope I don’t die”. Oh, and I do understand about the Modern Warfare like action comment (which is really old), but it’s still Dead Space in my opinion.

Now, does this mean that I’m not good at trying to develop a game since it’s not something that I’m focusing on when playing? I’d like to think no. (Note: I’m still hesitant about calling myself a developer of games of any kind).  Maybe I’m still a player first, an aspiring developer second? Or maybe it’s easy for me to lose myself in an experience that others put together. I’d like to think the latter, but that’s my own opinion. It does make me wonder how other people deal with their transitions. I’m pretty sure reviewers need to do the same thing as well. Take a step back, and look at the game that they’re playing, instead of just playing it. I would assume that most reviewers are reviewing games because they love games, but can the same be said about the people who make games? I don’t think all professional accountants love numbers. But they do their job, hopefully well, and provide the best for clients. It’s possible that not all developers love the trade that they are in. A problem? Some people may say so. I’d disagree, using the accountant example above. Of course, it’d be nice to know that the person making/selling the product actually enjoys said product or the field that they’re in, but that may not always be the case.

I do realize that this post is a bit unstructured, and there are a number of questions that haven’t really be answered. Long story short, I’m glad that I’m able to move freely back and forth between the making and the playing, the analyzing and the experiencing side of things. I’m sure that many people can do the same, and I hope it’s only a benefit, rather than a hindrance. Also, if anyone does wind up playing my game and sincerely enjoying it, I want them to know that I sincerely enjoyed making it as well. Maybe it’ll add to the experience……or something.

That’s it for now. I have one more thing I need to put together for MCE, then I’m done with adding environmental tools/traps, barring no new crazy ideas.

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Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on October 24, 2011

So, it’s been a while since I blogged.

But I’m working on a new game idea! The code name for this is MossHawk. And I’m not talking much about it.

Well, I’ll talk about it if you ask me….I like talking. The OriGamInc website has been updated with a very non-descriptive block of text, which doesn’t really mean anything to anyone.

I still need to work on MCE, and finish the last environmental tool that I want to add. After that, it should be a ton of level building and creating art. Of course, if time goes on, and I find something new that I want to include, then I’ll fit it in. However, I’ve reached a large ‘grind’ session with MCE. Just making level after level after level. Makes me wish I had a level design team.

But then I’d have to pay them.

With kindness.

Because I don’t have money for paying people.

Oh, I was interviewed by True PC Gaming. Very cool. The interview was posted Thursday, but here’s a link to it. It was quite fun, and plan I hope I get to do something like this again. I do need to get word about MCE out there, and I’ve been attempting to do such. Maybe I’ll hand out a few demos on actual CDs. Like Indie Bands do. Who knows.

That’s it for now. I need to finish some of the basic functions of MossHawk.

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I guess it’s flu season….

Posted in Other by Shawn on October 17, 2011

Because it looks like Mr. Condyle has caught something….

It’s not exactly the flu. They’re more like Spores. Not so friendly looking too….

What a lovely smile....

They usually don’t travel alone. They travel in bunches. And they get worse over time. But you don’t get them out of nowhere.  There’s a Spore Station that just gives out the spores. Why? Well, it was part of an experiment which started in 1958. The top secret spore government wanted to create the best pizza topping ever. They called them Spores. And they were good. A little too good…

So good that the Evil Toppings Corporation (the guys who managed pepperoni, extra cheese, and even pineapples), felt that they were going to be pushed to the side, forgotten by all the world’s pizza lovers. So they sent in a spy to sabotage the Spores. Now, if anyone had spores, they would float around you, similar to the dirt all around Pig Pen. People were too embarrassed, so they decided to stop eating Spores. They all went to their local Spore Treatment Centers to get rid of them. After people stopped eating Spores, the top secret spore government took all the Spores, and put them into an old Spore Treatment Machine.

Luckily, many didn’t know of the other changes that the Evil Toppings Corporation made to the Spores.

If you have the evil modified Spores, the more you move, the worse they get. What you’ll want to do then is get to the closest Spore Treatment Machine before the they turn red. If not…well, we don’t want to talk about that…..

Think he'll make it?

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Old Crazy Eyes McBomb

Posted in Other by Shawn on October 12, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about a trap. So..

It seems like all the traps in MCE are out to get you, deliberately causing harm. Most things are just there to get in your way. However, not all traps have mean intentions. See, there’s this one trap that’s really kind. It always holds the door open for little old ladies, it never litters. However, there is one problem. it gets a little obsessed. When it finds something it likes, it just goes after it. With a lot of force.

It also doesn’t help that its eyes are somewhat…well, intimidating…

It's really nice on the inside...

With eyes like that, it’s really difficult to find people who enjoy hanging around you for too long. This is the main problem as to why it gets so obsessed. Others do not like to cling to it, so it must try and cling to everything and everyone else. Unfortunately, others tend to make fun of it weird behavior and its strange eyes. “Old Crazy Eyes McBomb”. It’s quite an odd name, being that it’s not old. And it’s last name is Stevenson. “Middle Aged Crazy Eyes Stevenson” would have been a better name.

Although, it does make sense that they included the Bomb part. Another reason why people stay away from it is because it explodes on contact. Something which could easily keep anyone away, even another slightly crazy man in a weird hovercraft. Furthermore, when it does finally get really close to something it likes, it shows. A lot. Another good for the “Crazy Eyes” part in its name. Oh, and did I mention that it has a ton of siblings. All with the same personality. And with the same eyes.

There's nothing good to say about this...

Maybe Old Crazy Eyes McBomb is a pretty decent name after all.

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Mr. Condyle Has No Luck

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on October 11, 2011

At least, that what it seems like. Don’t you agree?

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Now the hard part?

Posted in OriGamInc, Other by Shawn on October 7, 2011

Making the game was easy.

Well, maybe it wasn’t. But telling people about the game is hard.

Well, maybe that’s not the case either.

Telling people about the game, then having people care about the game is the hard part. I guess I could always bribe people with candy. People like candy, right?

Basically, now that I have something which I would like to call a demo, I need to start telling people about this game. Unfortunately, I do not have a widely connected network of any kind, despite all the notifications I receive via Facebook. And regardless, even if my game is the best game in the world ever, if people don’t know about it, it may as well be the worst game that no one has ever heard of. So what do I do?

Well, first things first, I need to get creative.

Actually, first I need to get organized. Then I need to get creative. Unfortunately, I think I’m moving sideways. Which is worse than backwards. What needs to be done first is to keep track of who I’m trying to talk to about MCE. This helps me 1) actually know if I’m trying to talk to one person or one million people, and 2) not tell the same person about my game 400 times to the point where they get so annoyed, they write an angry blog post telling everyone _not_ to play my game. They(whoever “they” are) say any publicity is good, right?

After I have my ‘hit list’…….of great people….I will need to tell everyone about MCE. But how do you tell someone something? If it were in person, it would be easier. I could sit down with someone and say “Look! A game about a guy in a hovercraft type thing getting destroyed 400 times!”. But, I cannot be there in person with everyone all the time. And if I were to start my global trip to tell the world about my game, hunting down game journalists, players and the like, I would probably be labeled crazy, a stalker, or both. Or neither. Even though I’m probably already a bit crazy, making that publicly known on my resume is probably not the best thing to do at this time.


Objective: Notice me!

Strengths: I’m a fast learner! I love to learn! I stalk people until they listen to me! I work well with a team.

Weaknesses: I’ve gotten caught stalking game journalist three times last month. Up from my average of 1.5 over the past  7 months. I also mistake everyone for a game journalist.

So, what’s just as good as words? Pictures! Mathematically, pictures are better than words. Words are worth, at best one or two meanings (and on a good day three). However, a picture is worth 1000 words. And since words are worth about one or two meanings, based on the aforementioned premise, then one picture is worth at least 2000 words. After that, we can deduce that moving pictures, which are basically a large amount of still pictures with minute differences between them, are worth a heck of a lot more than a picture, since moving pictures are just a bunching of still pictures strung together. Then going out on a limb, we can say that the connection between two individual moving pictures, even one frame apart, can be worth a lot more, since you must now connect these two pictures together. Now, if you show two random frames next to each other, things are bound to get confusing, and the words you find describing things will be more along the lines of “What?”. So, what needs to be done is to create a sequence of moving pictures where the frame A is somehow directly related to frame B, which is then directly related to frame C, which may or may not be related to frame A (it’d be better if it were). Long story short? (It’s that video of my game that I’ve linked everywhere)

</crazy> <!– Because it’s computer hip to include html code indicating your obvious behavior –>

So with this video, the world shall know what I have accomplished, and will unanimously rejoice in the fact that they have a game of mine that they could play, right? Well, no. No one cares. Half the time, I need to convince myself that I care (joking….kind of?). I have to make people care. But, someone once told me, someone smart probably, that you can’t change someone’s mind. And in a way, I guess that’s true. I can drop a number of words, phrases, pictures, etc in their hearing range/line of site, and hope that they walk along the path that I have laid out for them so haphazardly neatly.  But I can’t really change their mind. Now I feel a bit manipulative….in a bad way. Too bad I can’t look cool while doing it.

Still, I need to convince people that my game is worth while. First though, I need to convince people to actually look. For that, I have a plan, which I will not reveal here. Mostly because it’s not a finished plan yet. Also, because I’m asking for help, and I do not want to endanger the lives of the people who are helping me. Also, the people helping me do not yet know that their life is in danger yet.

So….I need to organize myself, put together a ‘hit list’ (and hot spots), tell people in a friendly, non-stalker-ish manner why they should play my game, but first grab their attention with something that tells them that my game is worth while, show them moving pictures which maintain some sort of consistency, tell everyone else not on my hit list to also play the game and tell their friends and potentially their mothers, if they’re mothers don’t hate “that darn Playstation”, keep my cool, oh, and continue to work on my game. Sounds easy.

They (*sigh* they again) say talk is cheap. If so, then why do lawyers get paid so much? Haha? Well, I kinda have always wanted to be a lawyer. I was for Mock Trial!

On a more serious note, the first step that I think most people need to take (including myself) is getting over themselves. It’d be nice if people would come to you, but life is apparently some two way street. With lights. And a traffic cop. Ugh, and a marathon (what happened to the serious note). It’ll take time, if you’re not out there. Although, maybe I shouldn’t say anything with any sort of sage like wisdom, as I still need to do things on my end as well.

Well, time to get things done, right?

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Instead of sleeping…

Posted in OriGamInc by Shawn on October 4, 2011

I made this video.


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