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What is Foresight Fight?

Posted in Foresight Fight by Shawn on March 19, 2015

I’ve had this game idea stuck in my head for a while now, and only recently have I been able to experiment and play with it. The concept reminds me of one of the first games I worked on. It was a puzzle game where players needed to input commands, then watch as their character tried to either reach the goal, or survive for a number of seconds, the objective being different based on the level. I’m pretty sure there was a third game mode, but I don’t remember it. Anyway, it’s where the idea for this game came from. I wrote a super short blog post back in December with just the title screen from the game, and a paragraph saying “It’s a fighting game”. It was a poor update, so I’m going to take some time now and write something that’s a bit more detailed.

Foresight Fight is the title of the game, and as I mentioned, it’s a fighting game. Not a traditional fighting game though, which is the part that worries me the most at this stage of development. The premise of the game is that the fighting is not in real time. Rather, there are multiple phases to a battle. The first phase is the Queue Phase, the current name until I can think of something better. During the Queue Phase, players input their commands. For example, let’s say player one enters “Left, Right, Attack, Left”. After the Queue phase ends, the Execution Phase begins. The Execution Phase is where moves are, well, executed. Now player one’s character will move left, right, then attack, and finally, move left again. In the game world, those series of moves would most likely be useless, or at least would be if their opponent wasn’t close by.  After the Execution Phase, you have the Results Phase, which is just figuring out who wins the round.  

Now, there are actually two ways to win. You either become the last player standing, meaning all other opponents have been eliminated, or you can retrieve your gem, which just requires that you make contact with it. Having multiple win conditions was important, as I wanted to increase the paranoia that someone has when playing against another person. For example, a match may start out with both players going for their respective gem, but can quickly turn into a game of cat a mouse, an element that I thoroughly enjoy in multiplayer games.

At this point in the world of fighting games, it seems that most of them are an exhibition of twitch skills. It is true, though, that there’s a great amount of skill that someone needs in order to do well in a competitive fighting game. I love each iteration of Smash Brothers, but at this point in time, I don’t think I have the skill to play on a competitive stage. Of course, that’s something that could be fixed with enough practice.

With Foresight Fight, I wanted to try and take a step back from that. Not the part about practice, rather, the part that requires players needing to make all of their decisions during such a small window. The Queue Phase allows people to spend some time formulating theories or plan out their strategy. I’m not trying to completely separate myself from quick reaction elements, as the game does have a mode where players have a limited amount of time to enter their move set. So, being able to quickly identify a situation and execute moves with the highest chance of success is present and important in Foresight Fight.  


One element that I’d love to capture is the spectator element. Mainly, I want each match to tell a story as they progress, and allow people simply watching a chance to become engaged in the story on the screen. The progression of the story is different from that of a traditional fighting game, even though the basic theme of ‘Player vs Player’ remains. Fighting games have a fairly linear progression of excitement during each match. That’s to say, from the beginning of a match, all the way to the end, the excitement level of spectators traditionally start out at a certain point, then increases as the match progresses. As it stands now, Foresight Fight increases in steps. This progression format has a number of upsides that I can think of, as well as a few obvious downsides that I’m looking to overcome.

But that’s it for a short introduction to Foresight Fight! Of course, as work progresses, I’ll share more information with the world.

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It’s a new game

Posted in Foresight Fight by Shawn on December 16, 2014

And I think I like it enough to continue working on it.


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